Managing Director, Atlanta

Multifamily Debt & Structured Finance

Roddrick Jones

Managing Director, Atlanta

Multifamily Debt & Structured Finance

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Roddrick Jones leads Aparti Capital Market’s Multifamily Debt & Structured Finance Practice. 

Roddrick is an experienced real estate professional adept in real estate principaling and transactional finance, Roddrick specializes in Multifamily Real Estate Finance.

He serves clients seeking debt and preferred equity solutions for the acquisition of multifamily real estate assets, as well as sponsors looking to refinance loans or recapitalize existing assets, typically within the $25-100 million range.

He facilitates various structured financial products, including bridge loans, equity, preferred equity, and mezzanine capital. These solutions are designed to assist sponsors and operators who may encounter challenges accessing capital through traditional banking channels.

Additionally, he excels in Capital Formation and Introduction for Real Estate Transactions. His track record demonstrates his ability to structure real estate transactions, both simple and complex, at the fund and individual asset levels.

 His goal is to minimize dilution and optimize the capital structure for real estate sponsors. 

Roddrick earned his BS in Political Science form Savannah State University  and is a Licensed Investment Advisor Representative 

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